Merrietta has dual bachelor’s degrees in French and Spanish from DePauw University and was a student in residence at Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia. She also has an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis. Merrietta is a member of the AICPA and the California Society of CPAs. She is also active on the boards of a number of nonprofit and humanitarian organizations in the area. Merrietta says, “These organizations and their activities inspire me toward new ways of creative problem solving.  They expand the joy of life, while giving a little something back in return for the privilege of serving.” 

Among the varied professional services Merrietta and the firm provide are:

  • consulting
  • real estate
  • retail
  • import/export

Servatius, O'Brien

& Fong, LLP

Merrietta Fong brings more than 25 years of public accounting experience to the firm’s varied client list. She is an expert in business consulting, audit, and corporate and personal taxation. Sensitivity to her client’s personal goals has made her a trusted advisor to many seeking to sell their companies or crafting a succession strategy. Along with being an integral client-handling partner at the firm, Merrietta is also its primary rainmaker. 

Merrietta describes the reason for her successful client relationships as “A love for people; a love for hearing their stories and their creative ideas; the journeys they’ve taken and the vision they have for their future.” Her ability to relate on the most human of levels sparks new ideas and new ways of serving her client’s purposes. She has built a firm specifically designed to fulfill her clients’ financial goals as related to the rest of their lives.  

Merrietta and the firm regularly work with clients in a variety of industries including:

  • distribution
  • technology
  • construction
  • entertainment
  • Audits, reviews, compilations of financial statements for all types of non-SEC enterprises
  • Audit of employee benefit plans
  • Tax preparation
  • Consulting services
  • International tax consulting

Phone: 310.539.9400


  • manufacturing
  • professional services
  • wholesale
  • sport

Merrietta Fong MBA, CPA,